Welcome to my personal website.

If you need advice in the field of product quality (at a strategic level), within a B2B and technical factory environment you can contact me.
I have experience in creating, deploying and executing a quality policy to continuously increase robustness of processes, products, and services with the aim to maximize customer satisfaction.


- Transferred production lines within Europe.

- Developed and implemented state of the art production lines including process and product innovation.

- Managed all steps of product prototyping, development, industrialization and release to production.

- Responsible for market introduction of new products in terms of product quality, safety and conformity.

- Managed multidisciplinary 8D teams in the High-End industry for leading customers (Intel, IBM, Samsung, TSMC, Sony).

- Leading continuous improvement projects worldwide related to product quality and assembly.


industrial production, product (quality) management, continuous manufacturing improvement, SPC, QFD, FMEA, Six Sigma, Ishikawa, Total Quality Management, 8D complaint handling, CAPA.